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Our rehabilitation programs offer personalized care plans, 富有同情心的支持, motivation and 教育 for lifelong care. Our goal is to help you or your loved one regain independence safely and quickly.


Orthopedic therapy helps address your pain and mobility related to your joints, muscles and bones.

From weekend warriors to professional athletes, sports medicine rehabilitation helps you heal and improve performance through sports specific programs.
If you have difficulty with talking, 认知或吞咽, our speech therapists can help you improve your ability to communicate effectively and eat safely.

Neurological therapy helps with mobility when you have a disorder or injury that affects the brain or nervous system.


Stroke and Brain Injury 康复
 When you or a loved one has a stroke or brain injury, neurological therapy can help. Texas 健康 offers 教育 and assistance designed to safely improve you or your loved one’s mobility.
Parkinson's Disease 康复
Parkinson’s Disease makes it difficult to perform normal activities, 如吃, 走路和说话. With the specialized care from our trained therapists, we can help you or your loved one gain greater control of life.
A lack of balance can make performing normal activities difficult and potentially dangerous. Specialized therapists at Texas 健康 use the most current techniques to prevent dizziness, vertigo and other balance problems to help decrease your risk of falling.
From carpal tunnel syndrome to hand trauma, our certified hand therapists can help you regain function and movement of your elbow, 手腕和手.
康复 specialists understand the effects of cancer and offer a multidisciplinary approach through all stages of your cancer journey. The goal is to improve your mobility and energy levels for an enhanced quality of life.
Trained therapists can help reduce the pain and swelling of lymphedema and improve your overall function and range of motion.
Cardiac rehabilitation is made up of a series of personalized, prescriptive activities related to critical functions of heart health, 比如锻炼, 教育, dieting and lifestyle modification. The goal is to help you restore and maintain optimal health while helping to reduce the risk of future heart problems.

 Vascular rehabilitation is a specialized exercise program that is medically supervised by a team of cardiovascular nurses, exercise physiologists and other personnel. Vascular rehabilitation is conducted in a hospital outpatient setting by qualified personnel who are trained in exercise therapy for peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Pulmonary rehabilitation can help you improve your quality of life if you’ve been diagnosed with lung disease. Although pulmonary rehabilitation can’t cure your lung disease, you may notice that breathing is easier and you have less breathing problems.
Driving rehabilitation can help you or a loved one return to driving a car safely and confidently.
When you or a loved one experiences car sickness, 浓度的困难, frequent headaches or has a neurological issue related to vision, our vision therapists can help improve overall function and participation in daily activities.
Pelvic rehabilitation addresses pain, weakness and incontinence related to muscle dysfunction, 怀孕或手术.
Dealing with pain in your back or spine can impact everything you do. 康复 can offer pain relief from injury, improve surgical outcomes and help get you back to your normal activities.
高涨的, soothing quality of water can help people who have difficulty moving get the help they need to heal.
康复 is offered for children of all ages who are dealing with injuries, chronic disorders and developmental delays. Pediatric rehabilitation provides the specialized care they need.
Texas 健康 Dallas has a 40-bed rehabilitation unit that provides 24-hour care to patients 18 years and older. Patients will participate in an intensive program with the goal of getting you back to your daily activities as quickly and safely as possible.
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